Fynewever Consulting, LLC

A freelance consultant with experience in

cultural competency

Inclusivity and diversity responsiveness

curriculum development
organizational leadership

production management
event planning
manuscript review
social media strategy


Links to sample work:

Please note that some of these links reference a former blog, nasreenfynewever.com, a 120 post writing project that is no longer publicly available.  Please make a request above if you would like to discuss access to those posts.  

Deidra Riggs
write | connect | encourage

“Nasreen served as the Producer of a women’s event I hosted in April, 2013. The event was a gathering of writers, artists, and entrepreneurs from across the United States and Canada. Nasreen was my direct assistant, and was responsible for managing all of the details of the production, including the relationships with all talent, sponsors, volunteers, and serving as liaison between the event and the venue staff.

Nasreen has a keen sense of organization, very clear and thorough attention to detail, and a calm and professional demeanor. She is skilled at interpreting concepts and ideas and finding ways to move those concepts from the abstract into a functioning and effective reality.

Nasreen is an excellent communicator, an authentic collaborator, and a loyal servant. She is also an intelligent and thoughtful educator and a fierce champion of her business partners and colleagues.

It is my honor to recommend her, and I do so without exception or reservation.”

Crystal Stine
Editorial and Marketing Manager – (in)courage at DaySpring Cards

“Nasreen is incredibly organized, highly motivated, and has the ability to manage and encourage a team to achieve goals and strive for excellence. She is a gifted and passionate teacher and an inspirational leader.”

Jeff Smith
Program Director at Jim Henderson Presents

“Nasreen was a huge blessing to our work at JHP. Her attention to detail is complemented by her ability to see the big picture. I think Nasreen’s greatest strength however is her courage. When she sees an opportunity, she implements it. If there’s someone she can help, she does. She’s a doer through and through and we (JHP) are richer for her involvement with us.”

Erin Mohring
owner & writer at Home with the Boys; co-founder & marketing at Raising Boys Media

“Nasreen’s work as a production manager is some of the best I’ve ever witnessed. She is organized, confident, and willing to serve in whatever way would best benefit those she works for and with. I have personally seen her pull together details and manage unexpected changes with a calm, decisive, professional demeanor. If I was hosting an event of any kind, I would not hesitate to call on Nasreen to make the event a huge success. She is one of the highest caliber people in character and initiative I know.”

Jim Henderson
CEO Jim Henderson Presents

“Nasreen leads. She is a skilled influencer. She is fearless in getting people to pay attention to her ideas. Along with that she is loyal, dedicated and generous.”

Jim Heethuis
Associate Pastor at Pathway Church

“Nasreen is a delightful, witty and stylish communicator. She ambitiously developed our church education program by lending it structure and enthusiasm while using her personable communicating skills to increase people’s awareness of the program’s benefits. Nasreen is respectful of her uplines, yet able to present truths sensitively and even playfully. She also garners respect from her peers, downlines, students, etc. and has demonstrated a unique ability to access teens and the marginalized. I recommend Nasreen as a very capable woman of varied skills and expect that she’ll do an outstanding job assisting in your communication needs on either a broad or intimate scale.”

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