Back to Bangladesh — A journey to my birthland

There is not a simple way one travels to her birth-land for the first time after three decades and then pours out the experience for readers, listeners, students, family, and friends. Well, at least there is not a way I have figured out, yet. I have been reduced to blank stares that perpetuate silence and raised to eager eyes that beg adventure and story-telling both.

Is there safety behind the screen of a new blog? I imagine so. And yet, the tapping out of a journey with no shared space, place, and pause feels distant and under-selling to the spirit that is changed and a truth of how we were born to belong.

We crave more than birth-lands that define or boisterous blogs that dazzle; we desire to stand as known, accepted, and loved. So to how a country, a classroom, and a courage have restored my song of belonging, I offer my words to whomever will read.

I will often wish to retract or erase, for leaving a piece of me on the fringe of connection–the very art of writing, to touch your heart and never know, to be misunderstood and feel the scorn, to wonder if it all matters–is a fearful business. However, I write to free. I ask the same of my students. I dare the same of you.


A story at a time.

A picture at a time.

And in the meanwhile? Let us live and breathe hope; we belong.

5 thoughts on “A story at a time”

  1. “a journey with no shared space . . . under-selling to the spirit that is changed”
    “to touch your heart and never know.” Nasreen, you’ve put to words the steep and unnamed price of this writing endeavor. Some think of blogging as a lesser craft. But in this, it’s maybe the higher. A sacrifice of words in faith. Sowing a field and walking away in trust that another will water and harvest. I’m so glad you’re willing, and I will continue to treasure your words and stories, dear friend. Welcome back.

  2. Welcome back, my friend! You have been missed! We are not in a rush… we will read your words slow, and hear your heart clear. Let the memories and stories and deep deep truths unfold as they may. We’ll be here.

  3. So glad to see you opening up this space for whatever comes to it. Thankful for your bravery, inside and out.


    Although we barely know each other, just the smiles and passing at the workouts at Farrell’s, I find that now that I have stumbled onto your writings, I am learning about the real you. You insight can and will help change the world. Maybe that is why you are here, now, too articulate your heritage, strife and the struggle’s of a people lost to the rest of the world.
    Please keep writing as I will be happy the learn more of who you are and where you are from. You will find peace in the writings you so wonderfully express. Until the next, Level 10 at all you do.

One thought on “Back to Bangladesh — A journey to my birthland

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