Congratulations on your Graduation!

Many of my former students are graduating these days. And whether you went to college, joined the armed services, went straight to full time work, or took a curvy path too complex to explain, this is for you–

Congratulations on your “graduation” rockstar!

Graduate FROM a chapter, not from life. Remember you have not just arrived. You have been shaped and used for years already!

Graduate FOR life, not for mere accomplishment. You climbed a hill (or three) and your mountain top is beautiful. Keep the big picture of what defines you though, not this, but rather your love and service.

Graduate TO accomplishment, not mediocrity. So many of you have learned things about excellence that took me years longer to learn. You must seek to accomplish what your gifts and skills can bring to the world around you. This is not the time to hide your talents. This is time to move like you own the dance floor.

And wherever life leads you, please remember: For all that you enjoy and for all that you must endure, know I am cheering for youI have never stopped—

Love on!
Serve on!
Rock on!

He goes with you and to Him be the glory and the journey.


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