About Nasreen


Nasreen Fynewever, M.Ed, was adopted from Bangladesh, raised in Michigan, and now chases hope in Minnesota. Relocation to Minneapolis (in 2012) with her husband and three young sons became the catalyst for Nasreen to own her life story, professional experiences, and dreams.

Nasreen consults as a freelance speaker, writer, and strategist, garnering experience in conference production management, author support, business development, as well as speaking appearances at schools, retreats, and conferences.

Education has always been Nasreen’s passion. She has spent the last 15 years within both public and private sectors teaching middle school, high school, and college students. Writing, speaking, and equity work are present day out-workings of long-term interests. Nasreen recently served as a School Outreach and Equity Intervention Specialist at  Irondale High School, located in the North Metro of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Nasreen’s heart burns for people to practice presence, to breathe hope, and to belong. She currently serves as a City Planning Commissioner and the Inclusive Community Task Force Chair in the City of New Brighton.

Feel free to contact Nasreen with inquiries for speaking or consulting at nfynewever@gmail.com and/or visit the “Fynewever Consulting, LLC” tab.

Let us live. Vivamus

Read more on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nasreen-fynewever/29/160/28b/

4 thoughts on “About Nasreen

  1. Dear Nasreen,
    What a sweet breath of God you are. Your entry Day 311 in A Moment to Breathe set my feet, my heart and my soul to dancing! In worship I sing, dance and lift my hands and heart to my Lord! Thank for putting to words “ play the music, love out loud, pour out, teach others, pay it forward.” 🙋🤗💞
    I recently moved back to Michigan after 35 yrs, 20 in the military, 15 failed marriage and after the death of my brother and mother 6 weeks apart: coming up on 2 years ago. God has brought me home to more love, more joy, more giving back to others then I ever could imagine! Praise God forever.
    Thanks again for your encouragement and blessings on your and yours
    Janine Maisonneuve

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  2. It has been my joy to be reading the offerings in A Moment to Breathe. In November my beloved Mother and best friend passed over into Heaven suddenly with her family at her bedside. Her faith and love for God, kindness, and braveheart courage are her legacy. The grief, the missing, is palpable. Reading your devotion yesterday led me to your other offerings in this book. Your words for me in this season are manna and refreshing to my wounded soul. Thank you for sharing your heart and thank God that out of your story you touch the human heart with hope and healing. May God be an increasing presence to you.

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    1. Thank you, Rose, for landing your words and spirit in this space. You have blessed and encouraged me. May the memories of your mother and manna keep your soul near true care. Thank you for how you call me forth. May balm for wounds be real to you.


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